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How do you know when you need to pressure wash your roof? Overtime, the normal wear and tear that occurs on roofs cause a variety of maintenance needs that require professional maintenance. Dirt, algae growth, debris, and streaking are some of the most common issues that require professional maintenance to your roof.


Our roof cleaning service includes a full walkthrough and inspection of the roof. This allows the opportunity to keep you informed about the health of your roof (be honest, when was the last time you walked your roof!) After the walkthrough and review of the roof we get to work!


Utilizing nontoxic detergents with a low pressure flow our team ensures we clean the entire surface to get your roof clean. Literally within hours of our roof cleaning efforts the roof looks brand new! This not only increases your curb appeal, but increases the lifetime of your roof.

Why cleaning your roof matters?

While algae is the most common culprit to roof discoloration, other culprits includes air pollution, lichen, and of course the debris. What does this mean to your roof integrity?

  • Algae - Gloeocapsa Magma is the most common. This type of algae is literally eating the shingles. The vast amount of shingles are made from limestone which is a great food source for this algae. Left unchecked, the algae will thrive, expand, reproduce, and continue to eat your shingles. These patches of algae will also encourage a moist environment preventing water evaporation or draining away from the roof as it should. This also affects how well the roof reflects and absorbs light which directly affects how well the roof regulates its temperature. The better your roof can regulate its temperature the more efficient your heating & cooling system can be. Nobody enjoys those expensive electric bills!

  • Air Pollution & Dirt - Air Pollution settles on surfaces to create almost a film of dirt on top of stationary objects. Roofs are great as they typically aren’t moving very fast (these are the jokes!). This build up “grime” can affect the effectiveness of your roof to reflect & absorb heat, cool itself, and also encourages the growth of algae.

  • Debris - From leaves to sticks, kites to frisbees, nests and animals… a variety of “stuff” can end up on your roof. If it gets on your roof this debris can end up causing blockage in how your roof drains, backup your gutters, and even potentially allow for water pooling.


The short of it protect your roof to get the most out of its life as well as save money on electricity!

Before Brite N Rite gets on the job. Notice the green growth near overrun from the gutters

Before Brite N Rite gets on the job. Notice the green growth near overrun from the gutters

After Brite N Rite's Roof Cleaning the roof looks like new!

After Brite N Rite's Roof Cleaning the roof looks like new!


When should I get my roof cleaned? How often?

Brite N Rite is always thankful and eager to provide a free estimate for our services meaning if you are unsure - we are a call away! There isn’t a set schedule to how often this should be planned for as the factors involved in how fast your roof gets dirty or starts to streak from those darn algae. Factors include the slope or angle of the roof, are your gutters working properly, is the roof shaded, are your neighbors roof infested with algae (yes, it spreads), what the shingles are made of, and even the age of the roof. We recommend to start planning on a cleaning your roof every 1 to 3 years.


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