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No matter what your house is made of, Brite N Rite is ready to get to work. Wood, vinyl, stucco, brick, stone, concrete, metal, and on and on… we have a solution to not only make your building look great, but by performing this cleaning maintenance to your property, we are also protecting your property investment by identifying potential structural damage, removing damaging algae growths, and ensuring your building is regulating its temperature appropriately by removing the dirt & grime buildup that occurs naturally.


Our process matches involves matching the right amount of psi for our pressure washing equipment to the type of material your home is made of. Stucco compared to concrete needs a lighter psi compared to concrete for example. Our equipment and professionals serve our customers by ensuring we avoid damaging property by utilizing the right pressure, nontoxic detergents, and algaecide to clean your house right the first time.


Why pressure washing houses matter?

With dirt, stains, and algae why wait another day when your home could look revitalized today.


  • Algae - attacking the material that makes up your home be it wood to brick, algae adds stress to your structure. The algae encourages a moist environment thus increasing the expansion of their growth, but damaging the ability for your home to properly stay dry. The stains caused by these growths also affect the ability for your home to regulate its temperature which leads to increased cost in your electric bill from your heating & cooling system working harder.

  • Dirt - besides being an eyesore and lowering your home value (curb appeal is a real thing in real estate!), dirt and stains encourage the growth of algae.

  • Rust - typically from windows, chimneys, ventilation, or heating & cooling units these can cause very nasty stains that can be some of the most difficult to clean up… and that is where Brite N Rite comes in to get all rid of these eyesores


When should you get my house washed? How often?

Depending on what your house is made of, shade near your home, trees, and its age can affect how often your home needs to be cleaned. Typically your home needs to be cleaned every 1-3 years. Of course, Brite N Rite always provides free estimates so feel free to send your questions our ways. While we are at your home, Brite N Rite can provide a plan of action for your roof and gutters as well!


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