Gutter Cleaning

Are you gutters backed up? Do you ever wonder where all those leaves, sticks, and dirt go from that tree that is close to your house? When was the last time you pulled out that ladder to go actually check on your gutters? That is typically the cue that it is time to clean your gutters


Why Gutter Cleaning Matters

A backed up drainage system for your roof unfortunately may mean serious damage is building up. Water has to go somewhere. If your gutters need cleaning and are backed up with leaves with water is overflowing…. this could mean that water is seeping into your structure. What is even more unfortunate when it comes to water damage is this damage is typically hard to notice until serious damage is done as water has to slowly penetrate the exterior, then insulation, and finally drywall. Meaning by the time you see the damage everything in between has already been damaged leading to a potential fix with something as small as keeping your gutters clean can end up costing thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to repair.


How often do my Gutters Need to be Maintained?

When to have gutter cleaning is dependent on a variety of things. First, what type of gutters does your property have? Gutter guards can work great, but are not impenetrable. Often with gutter guards confidence is so high that homeowners often ignore their gutters for years, however, slowly but surely build up of dirt, pine needles, leaves, and the like will still build up and can cause blockage.


Other factors include how tall is your structure, how many trees are nearby, and how many bends or potential blockage points are in the system.


  • If you can see debris sticking out of your gutter system the time is now to get those gutters cleaned.

  • Check your downspouts in a light rain to see if water is draining efficiently

  • Plan to annually check your gutter system


One of the best things about Brite N Rite is our team are always ready to combine our services. If we are already cleaning the roof or house, our team will go ahead and look at the gutters to let you know how they are performing. Our goal is to serve our customers with great service and honesty while protecting one their biggest investments - their home!

While our team is cleaning your gutters? Is it also time for a full house wash or roof cleaning? Call today to learn more!


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