Get Your Home Pressure Washed TODAY!

Call today to reserve the limited time Summer Cleaning special. Get your Windows, Gutters, and house cleaned in one visit for our Summer Cleaning Special price offered just for our community.

Locally owned and operated, Brite N Rite is an active part of the community that focuses on providing high quality services that include house washing, roof cleaning, gutters, window cleaning, sidewalks, pavement, decks, fences and more. 

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Pressure washing your home doesn't mean grabbing a machine and cranking up the pressure! Our team uses  various tools, nontoxic organic chemicals, and our years of experience to make sure we are only cleaning off the gunk and grime. The dirt and "funk" that is building up on your house's siding or roof isn't just making your house look bad... this build up also encourages the growth of mold & mildew which is literally eating away at your home. This can cause permanent damage to your home, and even eat through the integrity of your roof which of course leaves your family vulnerable to the elements as well as a very expensive repair in the future. 

Maintain your home, keep your house looking great, Get a hold of Brite N Rite today!