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Why work with Brite N Rite? With our core values focused on integrity, honesty, and pride in hard days work we ensure all members of team live up to this standard. Our customers are mix of moms and dads who want to keep their home well maintained and looking great, business partners like real estate professionals and property managers who are responsible for properties, and businesses that need to look great to attract their customers. With that in mind, we are grateful for every opportunity and thankful to our customers who continue to work with us everyday. 


With top of the line equipment, there isn't a job too big for Brite N Rite. With our on truck reservoirs we are even able to work remotely in more rural environments. We have invested in this equipment to not only be efficient with our pressure washing, but to make sure we have the flexibility in using the right pressure for the right job. From power washing paint off of concrete to cleaning off grime from soft woods - knowing our equipment can be flexible gives our team the confidence to take on any pressure washing needs.


At the end of the day, price is a big part of when and where homeowners and businesses prioritize pressure washing. Is it worth the cost of pressure washing your home to ensure your roof isn't literally eaten by bacteria.... of course it is, but Brite N Rite still focuses on providing a competitive and realistic pricing to ensure we provide high quality service to as many customers as we can. 



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